Bird Language

WIS 6934

3 Elective Credits

Course Description

This course is intended for ecologists, naturalists, and other parties who wish to have a deeper understanding of the complex interactions occurring between species of the animal kingdom with highly developed cognitive abilities.  This course explores the inter-connectedness of the natural world as demonstrated by the actions of birds and other animals.


Module 1: Bird Language Fundamentals
Module 2: History Significance of Bird Language
Module 3: Bird Language Learning Methods
Module 4: Voices of Baseline Behaviors
Module 5: Voices of Non-Baseline Behaviors
Module 6: Picking a Bird to Follow
Module 7: Governing Principles
Module 8: Behavioral Chronology
Module 9: Ground Alarm Shapes
Module 10: Aerial Alarm Shapes
Module 11: Advanced Alarm Shapes
Module 12: Other Learning Techniques
Module 13: Bird Language Species Focus: Parids
Module 14: Bird Language Species Focus: Birds of Prey
Module 15: Bird Language Species Focus: Corvids