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These courses will build practical skills for working in the field.


Carrion Ecology & Evolution

Carrion Ecology and Evolution includes a range of organisms including molecular, bacterial, fungal, invertebrate, and vertebrate communities. Intra & interspecific interactions related to population biology, community ecology, & processes that manifest into habitats and ecosystems will be addressed. A multidisciplinary view of organisms will provide the basis for understanding decomposition.


Forensic Science in Conservation Biology

This course is an introduction to wildlife conservation and ecology issues that may impact the investigation of wildlife crime. At the successful completion of this course, students will have an understanding of wildlife ecology, biodiversity, current environmental and wildlife concerns such as habitat destruction, invasive species, and climate change, and topics related to population ecology, restoration ecology and ecological succession.


Human-Wildlife Conflict

This course introduces issues of human and wildlife conflict both in historical context & current conservation. Explore solutions, including innovative & traditional agricultural practices, hunting & tourism as potential means of off-setting the cost of wildlife damage, & policy development at the local, regional, and national or international levels.


Wildlife Forensics Internship

This course gives credit for wildlife forensics internships. Susan Underkoffler and Dr. Hayley Adams are co-instructors. This course is offered all semesters.

Lab Courses via UF Forensic Medicine

In-Person Forensics Labs

UF Forensic Medicine is excited to offer two summer lab courses, Forensic Photography Laboratory (GMS6357L) and Principles of Bloodstain Analysis Laboratory (GMS6352L). These courses may count toward elective credit for the Master of Science in Wildlife Forensic Sciences & Conservation.


All Master’s students take 4 core courses. Graduate Certificate students must take 3 core courses. Master’s students also take 21 credits of elective courses.

(Unless otherwise noted, all courses are assigned a letter grade.)

Core Courses

Course #Course TitleCreditsSpringSummerFall
WIS 6561Wildlife Crime Scene Processing3X
WIS 6557International Wildlife Conservation Law, Policy & Ethics – OR – 3X
WIS 6558U.S. Wildlife Law, Policy & Ethics3X
WIS 6559Forensic Science in Conservation Biology3X
SUR 6934GIS Fundamentals  – OR – 3X
STA 6093Introduction to Applied Statistics for Agricultural and Life Sciences3X
(All students must take EITHER WIS 6557 OR WIS 6558)

(Master’s students must take EITHER SUR 6934 OR STA 6093)

Electives – 21 Credit Hours Required (Master’s Students Only)

Course #Course TitleCreditsSpringSummerFall
WIS 5562Conservation Medicine3X
VME 6053Skeletal Trauma Analysis in Animals3X
WIS 6934Working Dogs in Conservation and Forensic Sciences3X
WIS 6934Wildlife Tracks and Sign3X
VME 6574Aquatic Animal Pathology and Forensic Science (Description: TBD)3
VME 6573Applications of DNA for Companion Animal and Wildlife Cases3X
VME 6616Veterinary Products and the Environment3X
WIS 6306Applied Wildlife Forensic Genetics (prerequisite: VME 6573)3X
WIS 6576Human-Wildlife Conflict3X
WIS 6421Wildlife Toxicology: The Ecohealth Perspective3X
WIS 6563Wildlife Forensic Pathology3X
WIS 6425Carrion Ecology & Evolution3X
VME 6580Cybercrime in Wildlife Investigations3X
WIS 6050Professional Communication in Wildlife Forensic Science3X
WIS 6905Botswana Field Course/Study Abroad (Special Topics)6X
WIS 6905Supervised Research (Special Topics)1-5TBDTBDTBD
WIS 6946Wildlife Forensics Internship1-6XXX

Students may take any electives from UF’s online Veterinary Forensic Sciences program to satisfy any elective requirements for the online Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation program.

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Registration for courses is available to students once they have been accepted to the program. Students cannot register themselves using One.UF.

Courses and schedule are subject to change based on demand and availability.