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Enrolling as a Non-Degree Seeking Student

If a student is interested in a subject or is not ready to commit to a graduate certificate program, enrolling as a non-degree seeking student allows them to experience UF’s online courses in wildlife forensic sciences and conservation.

How many credits are available?

Once enrolled, students may take up to 3 credits as a non-degree seeking student prior to being admitted as a certificate student. A new non-degree application is required for each term you wish to take courses as a non-degree seeking student.

Up to 3 credits can be transferred toward the graduate certificate in wildlife forensic sciences and conservation later on, provided you earn a B or better (B- or less will not transfer). Being a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee acceptance into the graduate certificate program.

The courses currently offered are:

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
WIS 6561 Wildlife Crime Scene Processing 3 X
WIS 6557 Wildlife Conservation Laws and Legislation 3 X
WIS 6559 Contemporary Issues in Wildlife Protection and Conservation 3 X


Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
WIS 5562 Conservation Medicine 3 X
VME 6053 Skeletal Trauma Analysis in Animals 3 X
WIS 6934 Working Dogs in Conservation and Forensic Sciences 3 X
WIS 6934 Wildlife Tracks and Sign 3 X
VME 6574 Aquatic Animal Pathology (Description: TBD) 3 X
WIS 6576 Human-Wildlife Conflict 3 X
WIS 6421 Wildlife Toxicology: The Ecohealth Perspective 3 X
WIS 6553 Wildlife Forensic Pathology 3 X
WIS 6425 Carrion Ecology & Evolution 3 X
WIS 6556 Trade in Wild Resources 3 TBD TBD TBD
VME 6580 Cybercrime in Wildlife Investigations 3 X
SUR 6934 GIS Fundamentals 3 X
STA 6093 Introduction to Applied Statistics for Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 X

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