Cybercrime in Wildlife Investigations

Course Description

Students completing this course will have an understanding of the various forms of cybercrime from the perspective of wildlife investigations. The course will cover not only aspects of computer forensics, mobile device technology, email and network forensics, but also the basics of electronic evidence and processing an electronic crime scene. It will also provide a comprehensive analysis of the legal principles that apply to cybercrime and electronic trade in wildlife. Students will have learned the laws and policies applicable to privacy and digital rights and the acts and statutes governing digital technology. They will also have an understanding of how online investigations help in the fight against wildlife crime. Learning objectives will be accomplished through a combination of lecture material, readings, writing assignments, and online active discussions.

Course Objectives

Students will learn to apply Cybercrime and Wildlife Crime to the Criminological Theory. Learn about new regulations, CITES determinations and evolving technologies that could assist wildlife forensic veteran.