Non-Degree Application

Non-Degree Admissions Requirements

Students may take courses on a non-degree seeking basis. Courses are taken on their own and are not part of a larger program. However, students can transfer up to 3 credit hours toward UF’s online master of science or graduate certificate in wildlife forensic sciences and conservation. These credits will transfer if the student is admitted to the certificate program, and if a grade of “B” or higher is earned.

There is no application fee for non-degree seeking students. Enrollment as a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee admission to a graduate program.

Non-Degree Minimum Requirements

In order to apply for non-degree seeking courses, students must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a natural science subject OR A DVM degree. If your bachelor’s degree is not in a natural science subject, please email us at, contact us here, or call us!

If a student has a bachelor’s degree that is not in a natural science subject, they may still be eligible for the online wildlife forensic sciences and conservation graduate program based on work or undergraduate science experience.


  • A maximum of 3 credits can be taken as a non-degree seeking student.
  • A student who is already admitted to the University of Florida needs to contact us before submitting the non-degree application.

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