Silent Heroes FoundationThe Maples Center for Forensic Medicine is excited to announce a partnership with Silent Heroes Foundation, an organization committed to conservation and protection of Africa’s wildlife. Silent Heroes employs the One Health philosophy and seeks to provide necessary supplies to veterinarians and conservationists in Africa, along with training and research in disease transmission between domestic animals, wildlife, and humans.

Silent Heroes is focused on working with the citizens and governments of the countries they serve along with saving the lives of Africa’s beloved wildlife, now facing numerous threats from poaching and illegal trade.

This partnership will allow the University of Florida’s Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation Program to bring its expertise in forensic science and conservation where it is needed most. Through the establishment of online educational coursework and continuing education curriculum development, in-person workshops, field training, and unique research opportunities, UF can assist in the development of anti-poaching strategies and ecological preservation, along with human-wildlife conflict mitigation and sustainable land management.

It is believed that the shared commitments of UF’s Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation Program and Silent Heroes Foundation will be mutually beneficial and will bring vital resources, essential skill sets, and a unique focus to the fight against poaching and natural resource depletion.