Jeff Rodzen

Jeff Rodzen Academic Qualifications: Jeff Rodzen is originally from New England and earned a B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in marine ecology at the University of Maine.  He then continued on to the University of California, Davis where he earned a Ph. D. in Genetics while studying the genetics of the octoploid white sturgeon, focusing on the management of both wild and farm-raised sturgeon.  He then worked for the California Dept. of Fish and Game’s Wildlife Forensics Laboratory for about 12 years where he performed wildlife forensic casework while advancing the use of DNA in wildlife forensic science.  He left CDFG for several years and supervised the forensic DNA section of the Sacramento County Crime Laboratory.  Following the birth of he and his wife, Erin’s, first child, he returned to CDFG and was the lead-person for setting up their new genetics research laboratory in Sacramento, CA.  Currently he works primarily on fisheries genetics issues with other academic researchers and teaches in the UC Davis Masters in Forensic Science program and most recently in UF’s wildlife forensic science program.  Outside of work, he and his wife enjoy outdoor activities with their two children, Ryan and Reagan, whom they homeschool.  They also have too many pets, including two German shepherds, five or so cats, chickens, two horses, tropical fish, and a bearded dragon.  Jeff is also an avid motorsports fan and enjoys attending Nascar events with family and friends.