Online Distance Education in Wildlife Forensic Sciences & Conservation

Our fully-online master’s program is designed for students and working professionals seeking real-world situations in wildlife forensics.

Master of Science Strengthen your career and build core skills in laws and legislation, crime scene processing, and conservation medicine.

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Graduate Certificate The first 100% online program in Wildlife Forensic Sciences & Conservation in the United States.

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Nondegree Courses Sharpen your skills without committing to a full courseload.

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Application Deadlines

Summer 2021 (class starts early May.): April 12 Fall 2021 (class starts late Aug.): July 26 Spring 2022 (class starts early Jan.): Nov. 15 Summer 2022 (class starts early May.): April 11

UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation

About the degree

Degree Info

Master’s Degree (33 Credit Hours) Graduate Certificate (9 Credit Hours) Non-Degree Courses (Transfer up to 3 Credit Hours)

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100% online

Semester Offerings

Classes are offered every Fall, Spring and Summer semester!

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About Online Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation

Wildlife crime is a billion-dollar threat that spans across countries and continents. Between poaching, illegal trade and regulation issues, there are many immediate concerns facing some of the world’s most endangered species. Educated, knowledgeable professionals working in the field and in the lab are critical resources in the protection and conservation of the U.S. and international wildlife populations. The University of Florida’s online graduate program in Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation, offered through the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department and the Maples Center for Forensic Medicine, aims to help bridge the knowledge gap in wildlife forensic science. Being an adequately trained professional working in wildlife conservation, ecology, and animal protection will help combat the growing problems in wildlife crime. Through this program, students will learn how critical the conservation of the world’s wildlife is to our ecosystem and natural environment.


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