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Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation Online

Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation

Wildlife crime is a billion-dollar threat that spans across countries and continents. Between poaching, illegal trade and regulation issues, there are many immediate issues facing some of the world’s most endangered species. The need for educated, knowledgeable professionals working in the field is a critical resource in the protection and conservation of the U.S. and international wildlife population.

The University of Florida’s online graduate program in Wildlife Forensic Sciences aims to help bridge the knowledge gap in wildlife protection. Being an adequately trained professional working in wildlife conservation, ecology, and animal protection will help combat the growing problems in wildlife protection.

Through this program, students will learn how critical the protection and conservation of the world’s wildlife is to our ecosystem and natural environment.

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How much does it cost?

Tuition for the online graduate certificate program is $525 per credit hour plus fees, regardless of the student's residency.

  • Cost per 3-Credit Hour Course: $1,575
  • Graduate Certificate Total: $4,725

Note: Costs are approximate and do not include fees or textbooks.

Program Fees

  • Application fee: $37

Graduate certificate students are responsible for capital improvement and technology fees. Students may review the full schedule of fees here.

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